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The skills in forging an effective parenting plan

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Parenting Plans |

The life of a divorced parent is not without challenges. Juggling so many duties as a single parent, almost having to be in two places at the same time and remaining civil with your child’s other parent – your former spouse or partner – are among the list of requirements.

For the latter, this is a critical part of your parenting plan. You want this arrangement to succeed, have matters go as smoothly as possible and make sure that your kids know that both of their parents love them and will provide the emotional support they will always need. However, sometimes, emotions get in the way, insensitive things get said and you feel as if you are back at square one – the time you knew divorce was imminent.

Compromise and civility

This is where you may have to take the high road if dealing with an uncooperative former spouse. But the two of you must try to compromise. This is your child, and you want to make sure his or her life continues to flow with few bumps and distractions.

How do you accomplish this? Cooperate in creating a workable parenting plan that passes with flying colors. Here are some of the factors that may point the way toward a more effective parenting plan:

  • Avoid making derogatory comments about the other parent in front of your children. The kids remember these incidents and how the hurtful words made them feel. Your children already struggle with the divorce of two parents whom they both love. Do not complicate things.
  • Understand the benefits of compromise. Your children are people, not chattel. Sometimes, a scheduling conflict may arise during your time with your child. Please consider your child’s preference; their choice instead of yours. The foundation of a solid parenting plan centers on your children.
  • Civility with the child’s other parent is critical. The times call for effective communication, so work together. If in-person meetings are unrealistic, rely on phone calls, emails and texts. And please promptly respond. You still must work together when raising your child.

Do your best to set aside the conflict and possible ill feelings you may have for your former spouse. Now is one of the most important times to work together. You are forging a life path for your child, so set good examples and understand the importance of civility and compromise.