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Military Divorces And Relocations

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Military Divorce |

Divorces for military families are uniquely challenging and have several components that need to be considered. Unlike other employed parents, one or both parties may be active duty members of our armed forces. Relocations are not choices but mandatory for these parties.
During a dissolution of marriage action in the State of Florida, the Court will hear testimony about the best interest of the minor children. It is essential to inform the Court how long the family has been stationed in Florida. It is even more critical for the service member to provide the Court with information about where steps can be taken to ensure the service member is or is not transferred from Brevard County, Florida. The armed forces have policies to assist active duty members to stay close to their minor children.
If this is not a possibility based on the active duty members’ duty assignment, the Florida Statutes provide for relocations to be granted. The moment an active duty service member is notified of an upcoming transfer/post reassignment, a Petition for Relocation must be filed to adjust the parents’ Parenting Plan.