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Social media mistakes can hurt you when going through divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Divorce |

Social media and divorce often do not mix. Once loving couples who have now gone their separate ways may take to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to air their gripes against each other, slinging accusations, untruths and fabrications. Boastful statements, unfettered opinions and some not-so-discreet images have become the norm when it comes to social media.

For the average person, these things merely represent an image that he or she wants projected to others. However, what may be considered “normal” social media behavior for some often is interpreted as a major misstep for someone going through a divorce. A judge may take you to task, determining that what is really out there on social media represents your true self. Expect to pay for those blunders.

Threats, lies and boasts

Frustration and anger in divorce scenarios are not uncommon. But it is not a good idea to take to social media to gripe about your estranged spouse. Those statements and actions are seen by others, including judges and attorneys. In Florida, it is illegal to delete social media posts once a case is filed.

If you are in the middle of a divorce, it is best to avoid posting certain things on social media or even avoiding social media altogether. That list includes:

  • Threats and harassments: The promises of threats only will get you into trouble. Such cyberbullying may even lead to criminal actions against you. And it is not a good idea to stalk your estranged spouse on his or her social media accounts.
  • Lies, lies, lies: In some cases, an estranged spouse wants to paint an inaccurate picture of his or her former partner. Your family and friends, though, know the truth. And so will the judge, who may limit your time with your children in custody matters.
  • Boasts that cannot be ignored: Maybe you posted images of recently purchased big-ticket items such as a new boat, car or condominium. This is a potential sign of hidden assets. Also, posting images and narratives about your traveling adventures with a new paramour likely will not receive a favorable review from a judge.
  • Personal information about your estranged spouse: Cruelty and untrustworthiness are traits guaranteed to land at your feet if you subscribe to such behavior. In doing so, your goal is to humiliate your estranged spouse. However, you are doing the same to yourself.

Granted, going through divorce represents a difficult time. However, if you choose to make social media missteps by attacking your estranged spouse or trying to embarrass him or her, you are only making it more difficult for you. A judge likely only will have an unfavorable view of you.