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How a forensic accountant helps uncover hidden marital assets

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Division of Assets |

A forensic accountant has a way of finding hidden marital assets. That is why when you are going through a divorce and seek to uncover these assets that rightfully belong to you, it is a good strategy to work with such a professional.

When at work, forensic accountants leave no stone unturned. They likely will find those hidden marital assets because they typically know every ploy used by someone trying to conceal money. Working alongside a skilled family law attorney, a forensic accountant represents another critical ally. With the disparate strengths these two professionals have, you have a solid team advocating for you.

Underreported income, fake debt and payroll fraud

Whether it is fraud or deceit at the root of hidden marital assets, a forensic accountant has the skills to find them. Here are a few of the assets he or she may uncover:

  • Underreported income
  • Fake debt in the form of overpayments to creditors
  • Dummy corporations created for dishonest financial dealings
  • Payroll fraud as a business owner in form of manipulating the payroll system
  • The purchase of expensive items by using secreted cash

You may be surprised at the lengths taken by your estranged spouse to carefully hide marital assets. With the help of a forensic accountant and an attorney, you likely will succeed in tracking them down.

Accountant and attorney: a formidable team

A forensic accountant is an ally you cannot do without when dealing with a dishonest spouse bent on revenge and preventing you from securing your share of marital assets. Such an accountant and an attorney are a skilled tag-team ready to work for your advantage.