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A few of the many reasons why couples divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Divorce |

So many reasons exist for couples seeking divorce. They may range from financial and marital infidelity to domestic abuse, constant arguing and health problems.

When you got married, you knew everything would not be perfect, but, in time the differences between you and your spouse surfaced gradually or abruptly. And they got to be too much for you, even though you may have tried counseling.

Financial squabbles and extra-marital affairs

What causes divorce? Here are some of the reasons that some couples cite for being at the root of marital discord:

  • Financial disagreements/problems: This is likely one of the top reasons that couples choose to part. Each person may have different views on spending, budgeting and saving. In time, those differences lead to a collision of wills and wants.
  • Too much conflict and arguing: Communication problems often lead to knock-down, drag-out and near never-ending arguments. Constantly butting heads is not comfortable.
  • Incompatibility: Whether it is three months or three years, the differences of each spouse will surface, causing each other to wince and ask, “Is this the person I am expected to spend the rest of my life with?” Things have not necessarily changed, they simply have revealed themselves.
  • Extra-marital affairs: Infidelity often leads to the death knell of a marriage. Excessive time spent away from the home may mean that spouse leads a double life. These scenarios also have ties to financial matters as that spouse spends money on his or her paramour.
  • Substance abuse: Whether you knew about this before your marriage or discovered it during the union, substance abuse opens the door to financial problems, emotional problems and potential addiction. Do you want to remain married to a junkie or someone addicted to prescription medication?
  • Domestic abuse: Physical and mental abuse are meant to control a spouse. Constant bullying not only leaves physical bruises, but bruises on one’s psyche as well.
  • Health scares: A traumatic health situation may drive a wedge between the spouses and also create great debt. While the ailing spouse tries to heal from serious injuries from a car crash or medical situations such as a stroke, cancer or heart surgery, the other spouse may feel overwhelmed by the vulnerability of his or her partner, feeling that is the time to leave.

This is reality. Placing the spotlight on these matters may help you understand that you are not the only married person experienced these things and contemplating divorce.

Look to this as a chance for a new beginning

You may have tried to work things out with your spouse, whether one-on-one or in counseling. But, sometimes, it is time to end a marriage when your differences and disagreements push everything else in the background. But now, look to this as a chance for a new beginning.