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Can you keep your long-accustomed lifestyle after divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Divorce |

Will you be able to continue the lifestyle you have long grown accustomed to after a divorce? This is a question that surfaces in many high-asset divorce cases.

Granted, your standard of living will change to a point. Also, you will have to adapt and adjust. Some of those adjustments may include having to do without certain things. But you want to make sure that you do not accept a one-sided settlement.

Have realistic expectations

Your spouse’s income allowed your family to enjoy many lifestyle advantages. Your children attended private school, took music and dance lessons and enjoyed participating in sports clubs. Your family spent summers abroad, had a vacation home and enjoyed lavish vacations and country club memberships.

With a divorce, this lifestyle may be at risk but not all of that has to go away. A solid strategy is important to have in place. You also must have realistic expectations and know which assets and perks to fight and negotiate for and which ones you may be willing to give up.

By working with an experienced, understanding and aggressive family law attorney, you will have a reliable legal advocate who will provide you with crucial insight, helping you make the right decisions.

You have earned it

Your spouse’s earnings were more than enough to provide you with an affluent lifestyle that afforded so many things for your family. During your marriage, you made several life trade-offs, putting your career on hold so you could serve as the primary caregiver of your children. The sacrifices you made through the years proved just how invested you were in your family. You should not have to give up on a lifestyle that you are so used to having. You have earned it.