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Critical traits needed in a divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Divorce |

As your marriage heads toward divorce, you understand the need to take a number of important steps that will help you transition into the next stage of your life. And one of the most important steps is retaining the right attorney.

What do you need in a divorce attorney? A critical characteristic is that your legal advocate should be the right fit for you. In order to determine that, you must perform some research. Here are key factors to consider.

Compatible, experienced and a problem solver

The divorce process includes a range of issues. They may include division of assets, parenting plans, time-sharing and even protective orders. You want an attorney who can confidently address each of these issues along with any others that surface.

The critical characteristics you need in a divorce attorney include:

  • Compatibility: You want to make sure that the attorney is a good fit for you. Finding someone who is open and honest will increase your comfort level. Complementary personalities are essential.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and qualified: Does this attorney have the credentials to help you? You want someone with years of experience and solid peer recognition to guide you.
  • Confident and assertive: An attorney must advocate for you at every step and not simply give in. You want someone who will be strong for you and your family.
  • Understanding and empathetic: Assertiveness is important, but so is compassion. Your attorney knows that divorce may be a challenging and confusing time for any client.
  • A solid communicator: A good attorney keeps you up to date on the proceedings and provides simple and pragmatic explanations on what is happening and what you must do.
  • A problem solver and skilled negotiator: This attorney knows how to get things accomplished. And as a skilled negotiator, he or she has the ability to anticipate the next steps taken by the rival attorney.
  • A visionary: It is crucial that your attorney has the foresight to address potential future issues such as post-divorce modifications and life insurance payouts when minor children are involved.
  • Strong support staff: You likely are not the only client for this attorney. Sometimes, emergencies may surface, and other attorneys or support staff may be enlisted to assist in your case. Make sure the attorney you choose has the resources to make your case a priority.

In short, you want an attorney who will be focused on you and focused on finding the right resolution. All of the above qualities will help achieve that goal.

The right attorney protects you

A reliable divorce attorney looks out for your emotional and financial well-being, protecting you and your family. The right attorney can do that for you. You just have to trust your judgment and instincts when seeking one.