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Fighting modifications in alimony situations

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Alimony |

You thought everything was settled in your divorce case. Now, your former spouse – a successful entrepreneur and newly remarried business owner – attempts to reduce the monthly alimony payments of $22,000 that the court rightfully awarded you in the divorce agreement.

Something does not seem right in this situation, and you know it. Now you need legal support to help you. Modifications for alimony, sometimes, occur but usually only when each former spouse agrees to them.

Significant depreciation? Doubtful

Your divorce was a messy one, but you were able to secure the millions of dollars in assets as part of the divorce agreement. Your former spouse’s fortune gained through a number of his business entities was also your fortune, and you rightfully received a fair amount.

But only three years after your divorce, your former spouse seeks to amend the alimony-related judgment in an attempt to reduce that monthly spousal support. His claims of a decrease in income ring hollow. He referred to his situation as “significant depreciation.”

You are not the only person who understands that your former husband remains of able body and able mind and can continue to generate a considerable amount of income through future business endeavors.

Another trip to court

As a result of your former spouse’s proposal, you must go to court again. In this scenario, you will once again need the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable and aggressive family law attorney who will examine every fine detail in this case. This is the type of advocate you need.

A skillful attorney on your side

Your attorney will fight for you to the best of his or her ability, trying to ensure that the original alimony amount remains in place and that your former spouse also reimburses you for attorney fees. A skilled attorney knows nearly every trick attempted by a spouse trying to get out of paying certain amounts of alimony.