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Mistakes to avoid when going through divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Divorce |

A pending divorce can bring out poor decision-making that, sometimes, may be influenced by vengeful behavior. The anger and frustration that may arrive with newly served divorce papers should be held in check as best as possible.

Granted, for some people, that may prove challenging. But you want to make sure to avoid any costly mistakes that would hinder your life. Such distractions or oversights may affect your ability to spend time with your children, lead to a less-than-favorable divorce settlement and linger for a long time.

Revenge and manipulation

Here are some costly mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce:

  • Seeking revenge on your estranged spouse: Posting derogatory and untruthful information about a spouse on social media, making unrealistic demands during the divorce and delaying court proceedings are signs of revenge. A judge will not look favorably upon this, affecting parenting plans and time-sharing.
  • Manipulating the children: Pitting children against their other parent is a sign of an angry, selfish and immature person. The children find themselves in a tug-of-war between their parents. This experience may have long-lasting psychological effects on youngsters. Distrust surfaces within the children, and that feeling may never go away. It could drastically affect your relationship with the children.
  • Hiding assets: One way a vengeful spouse attempts to get back at the other is by hiding marital assets, which belong to both spouses. This is illegal and may lead to criminal perjury charges, causing additional legal troubles, fines and potential incarceration.
  • Failing to retain an attorney: Some people think that they can oversee their own divorce in court or pursue a do-it-yourself divorce. These are not good ideas, and the divorce settlement may be unfavorable. An experienced family law attorney understands the details, providing crucial guidance and insight toward a resolution.

These mistakes are preventable. Missteps will prove detrimental in divorce.

Protecting yourself through good judgment

While going through a divorce, you must protect yourself in ways that include keeping bad behavior and poor decision-making at bay. You may be going through a difficult time now, but please do not make it any more difficult through poor judgment.