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Understanding Child Support Laws In Florida

Lesley Turmelle Abbott, P.A., has dealt with all forms of child support cases from establishing child support, modifications, contempt cases and any other type of enforcement hearing, i.e. suspension of driver’s licenses, etc.

In determining child support, the number of overnights the minor children spend with each parent is taken into consideration in doing the calculation of the number. The amount paid for daycare and health and dental insurance is also included in the final child support number.

Unemployment Does Not Stop Child Support Obligations

Every child is entitled to support from both parents. Even if a party is not working at the time child support is established, a judge may assess minimum wage to the unemployed parent. If a parent has quit their job in an attempt to avoid paying child support, the judge may assess their past income when establishing child support.

Paternity Questions

A parent has the right to be represented by an attorney for any Department of Revenue (DOR) hearings. DOR can establish child support without having a hearing. The only way to “fix” these orders would be to appeal those orders or file a paternity action to establish a timesharing schedule (visitation). Ms. Abbott has handled many child support cases dealing with DOR.

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