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Dealing With Paternity

When the parents of a child are not married, either party could go to the court for assistance with child support and establishing or enforcing time-sharing (visitation) agreements and/or orders.

For Mothers Needing Child Support

This means in order for a mother to obtain child support from a man, she would need to file a paternity action and have the court recognize the man as the legal father. This can be done by agreement of the parties or by a DNA test. Once the test confirms the man as the child’s father, a court can order child support, time-sharing (custody/visitation) and parental responsibility agreement.

For Fathers Wanting Access To Their Children

For fathers, until a court establishes him as the “legal father” of the child, he cannot ask a judge to give him access to the child. Every child is entitled to spend time with both their parents, but if you are not the husband of the mother, you will need a paternity determination naming you as the child’s father first. Ms. Abbott can assist with these cases to ensure that you are part of your child’s life and future.

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