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What happens during divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Divorce |

Too many conflicts arose with your spouse. Now she has moved out as the two of you pursue divorce options. For many people, divorce represents uncharted territory and can be intimidating. What options are available? Which one may lead to the least amount of conflict?

For the latter, there is no single answer. However, mediation may be among the more promising options. Typically, in mediation, you, your estranged spouse and your respective attorneys meet to discuss divorce-related issues and potential resolutions. Led by an agreed-upon mediator – usually an attorney, these sessions are geared toward resolution as the mediator listens, directs and guides.

Mediator leads discussions

What can you expect at a mediation session? More privacy, fewer expenses along with an outcome that includes input from you and your estranged spouse.

Here are a few things to know about mediation:

  • Meetings occur at the office of the mediator.
  • Your attorney will be present, and so will your spouse’s attorney.
  • Mediation will not be stress-free. Close-knit quarters promise some discomfort.
  • The mediator leads the discussions on topics that may include equitable distribution, child support, time-sharing, parenting plans, alimony and health and life insurance.
  • Private conversations with your attorney are part of mediation. At certain times, you and your attorney may leave the room to discuss any responses or strategies.
  • Mediation sessions may last for a few hours. Depending on the case, additional sessions may be required.
  • A change in mediators may occur if one attorney or both attorneys express dissatisfaction. Both attorneys must agree when choosing a different mediator.

Mediation provides separating spouses with more control in matters related to divorce and the chance to avoid the courtroom.

Advice and direction

With mediation, understand that you have an essential ally in a divorce attorney. You need legal advice and direction, and you will get it. In time, you can carry on with your life.