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3 ways to level up from your high-conflict co-parenting setup

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Child Custody |

Some divorced parents can’t help but feel resentment toward each other. Unfortunately, their negative feelings could remain or worsen as they continue to be parents via time-sharing and parental responsibility.

This may cause them to have heated debates in front of their kids or engage in fights on social media. Worse, they could badmouth one another or try to ruin their children’s ties with the other parent.

Try to be collaborative for your kids

Such instances fall under a high-conflict co-parenting setup. It is a messy arrangement that creates an unhealthy environment for your children. If your parenting setup has become difficult to handle, here are ways to move away from high-conflict co-parenting:

  • Manage your negative feelings: You and your ex must realize that it is not easy for your children to go through time-sharing. Having a better co-parenting setup could make things easier for them. Tame your emotions, practice self-control and avoid arguing in front of your kids.
  • Set boundaries: Engage in professional communication by treating co-parenting as a business partnership. This may help you focus on your children and avoid making side comments on trivial matters.
  • Seek advice and assistance: If your high-conflict situation does not improve, you could turn to mediators or counselors. They could help you proceed with co-parenting by providing guidance and supervising your conversations.

In Florida, the courts make time-sharing decisions based on the children’s best interests. This means that the state puts a premium on protecting the well-being of children. Accordingly, exes should aim to do the same when co-parenting.

Reducing and avoiding conflict

Moving on from divorce while maintaining ties with your ex is a tall order. But your extra effort for co-parenting can go miles. As you support and nurture your children, you also give them stability and assurance amid the changes in your family.