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When divorce is a good thing

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Divorce |

3 reasons why divorce can be a good thing

For far too long, you debated with yourself about the downside of divorce. While you are doing this,
please do not neglect to consider the upside of dissolving your marriage. There may be many reasons. Your divorce will provide you with a new beginning. With a divorce, you can place many of these bad
memories and bad experiences in your rearview mirror.
Growing apart, fights, addictions
Granted, going through divorce can be trying. However, in some cases, taking such a step may bring a
huge sigh of relief to at least one member of the marriage.
Here are some of the reasons why divorce can be a good thing:
•    Growing apart: Initially, you embraced the differences between you and your spouse. But as
time went by, those differences led to diverging paths in life. Gradually, you discovered that the
two of you had few shared interests, leading to separate lives. Lack of communication set in,
causing further deterioration in your marriage.
•    Continuous arguments and fights: Whether arguing about the children, finances, spending,
decision-making, friends, extended family or politics, such topics and their ongoing battles can
overwhelm and take an emotional toll on anyone. You do not need this.
•    Addictions: Addictions come in many forms such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, social media or
pornography. Many addictions lead to additional related problems, including financial burden,
loss of trust as well as emotional and physical abuse. Say “no more” to these negative,
distracting and repugnant behaviors.
There may be other negative aspects that surface in your marriage, potentially leading toward divorce.

New beginning
You did not enter this marriage thinking that you and your spouse would separate. But it happened.
Many different factors play into the dissolution of marriages. Some of these factors can leave a tainted imprint on you. This may be the time to move on and contact a skilled divorce attorney who can help steer you toward that new beginning.