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Balancing your parenting time and career post-divorce 

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Child Custody |

Divorce brings significant changes to all family members. That’s not to say that these changes are negative, but it can take some time to adapt. 

You’ve always been career-driven, but ultimately, your children come first. The following tips should help you to strike a balance between your profession and parenting time

Can your workplace offer flexibility? 

Depending on your career, you may be afforded more flexibility. If you’re self-employed, then you might be able to pretty much set your own schedule around the kids. Even if you work for a company, most businesses can offer some flexibility when it comes to family commitments. 

Talk with your manager and see if schedule changes can work around your kids. Often, a compromise can be found. 

Be realistic in your expectations 

Divorce has traditionally been viewed as an adversarial process. This can fool parents into thinking that they need to take everything and leave the other parent with nothing. In reality, this isn’t generally how it works. The family court will want both parents to play an active role in the upbringing of their child. 

It may not be necessary to battle your co-parent on parenting time. A few days of quality time with your children is better than seven days of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by everything. 

Managing your career and parenting time can be tricky, but it can all work out with the right parenting plan. As you navigate your divorce and new life, be sure to have legal guidance on your side.